Amiram Shachar

Co-Founder & CEO,

Securing modern cloud environments has become a challenge that spans across Dev, Sec and Ops teams. 

After building the market leader for cloud optimization at, we’ve decided to address the disconnect between security, developers, and DevOps by introducing automation and breaking down silos in security management.

Why Upwind?

Up·wind /ˌəpˈwind/

In the opposite direction to that in which the wind is blowing; against the wind.

In windsurfing, “Upwind” is a basic technique that allows surfers to navigate toward where the wind is coming from and the key skill to come back to where you started.

As a runtime security platform, Upwind enables security professionals to navigate effectively toward the root cause of security issues. Providing a powerful context of applications and infrastructure behavior despite the head wind of cloud chaos and alerting noise.

Nardit Hikry

Head of Product Design

At Upwind, we are translating complex security concepts into simple product features. 

As the leader of UX (user experience), I am truly excited to be part of a team that is fully driven by what customers want and how they think.

Saam Motamedi

General Partner,

Greylock co-led the largest seed round we have ever participated in for a software company in Upwind for two simple reasons — securing cloud runtime environments is the single most important problem in cybersecurity, and the Upwind team is a successful repeat entrepreneurial team who’s one of the absolute best we’ve ever backed.”

Gili Raanan

Founder & General Partner,

Partnering with Upwind was easy—the founding team is earnest, has built a Cloud Infrastructure business before, sold it to Netapp, and has domain experience and ambition to build an important company.”