Simplify Compliance and Misconfiguration Management

Upwind helps you supercharge your posture with runtime insights to reduce noise, identify and prioritize misconfigurations, monitor compliance protocols 
and achieve least privilege.

Map Your Cloud with Graph-Based,
Searchable Inventory
Identify and Contextualize
IaC Scan to  Meet

Compliance by Design
Streamline Cloud Best Practices
  • Bake in Compliance – Achieve compliance and build best practices with custom policies & automation.
  • Reduce Noise – Use runtime insights to focus on the misconfigurations that matter the most to your organization.
  • Custom Policy Creation – Set custom policies for your cloud environment and IaC to enforce compliance frameworks.
Prioritize Misconfigurations with Runtime Insights
  • Misconfiguration Identification – Gain total visibility of your cloud infrastructure and identify misconfigurations within your cloud environment.
  • Contextualize Misconfigurations – Understand which misconfigurations have organizational impact.
  • Streamline Remediation – Fix only the misconfigurations that pose an actual risk.
Compliance Assessment
  • Centralized Compliance – Achieve compliance protocols and manage compliance for CIS, SOC 2 and HIPAA.
  • Continuous Monitoring – Identify potential compliance breaches and use runtime insights to inform your building practices.
  • Fix at the Source – Identify potential compliance breaches and use runtime insights to inform your building practices.
Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)
  • Identities Management – Discover identities and their usage and remove overly permissive users.
  • Least Privilege – Achieve, monitor and govern machine-to-machine least privilege.
  • Automated Remediation – Mitigate excessive entitlements and risky permissions with intelligent policy creation.
The Runtime-Powered CSPM

Identify and remediate misconfigurations, manage compliance, conduct IaC scanning, track entitlements and achieve least privilege with Upwind’s runtime-powered CSPM. Find misconfigurations and vulnerabilities on the right in runtime, and use this context 
to fix on the left and build secure from code to cloud.