Container Security from Runtime to Build Time

Upwind gives you complete visibility and protection for all types of containers across Kubernetes, Amazon ECS and Fargate. Correlate runtime insights with CI/CD events and git changes, enable build to runtime visibility and proactively stop threats with automated response.
Context-Rich Network
Topology Mapping
Protect Containers
Everywhere They Run.
Multi-Cloud & Hybrid-Cloud
Identify & Understand
K8s Risks & Threats
Secure Your Containers Wherever They Run
  • Multi-Cloud and Multi-Distro Support – Upwind protects your containers and k8s and supports Amazon EKS & ECS, Google GKE, Microsoft AKS, OpenShift, Kops & more.
  • On-Premises & Hybrid Cloud – Consolidate container security with one centralized CNAPP that supports k8s and container security in data centers, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.
  • Lightweight eBPF-based Sensor – Deploy a simple, compatible eBPF-powered sensor wherever you run for real-time insights.
Supercharge Your Container Security with DevOps Context
  • Real-time Network & Service Topology – Graph-based network and process level topology of your containers infrastructure.
  • CI/CD Events Correlation – Correlate CI/CD events with container security to connect the dots and understand the root cause of changes and container events.
  • Improve Dev, Sec & Ops Interface – Enable a partnership between developers, DevOps and security to find and resolve issues across the lifecycle of the containerized application.
  • 360° Visibility – Understand your Layer 7 traffic, APIs and application identities.
Detect & Respond to K8s Threats 
in Real-Time
  • Real-time Threat Detection & Response – Detect and respond to container and Kubernetes threats in real-time. Kill malicious processes and automate prevention policies for k8s.
  • Identify Attack Paths – Leverage runtime data to contextualize risk factors, identify attack paths and prioritize the most critical risks across your containers infrastructure, applications and identities to streamline remediation efforts.
  • Secure Containers From Build to Run – Detect and respond to malicious activities in containers and the cloud such as abnormal data access, lateral movements and privilege escalations.