Understand Identity Access

Understand identity access from source to destination.
Discover & analyze human and machine identities across clouds. Eliminate unused or overly permissive roles and enforce least privilege access.

Discover identities from the source (IdP & cloud IAM)
Find overly permissive roles and exposures
Avoid breaches by prioritizing risks and rightsizing permissions
Understand Who Has Access to What
  • Source to Destination Visibility – See and understand all of your identities and their permissions in one unified location.
  • Uncover Risks & Exposures – Automatically detect resources with high-privilege roles in risk of being exploited.
Dynamically Enforce Least Privilege
  • Automate Least Privilege – Create policies to automatically give users the lowest level of access needed for their job function and eliminate unused or overly permissive privileges.
  • Identify Risky Permissions – Analyze your current permissions to understand who has access to what and automatically identify risky permissions.
  • Get Rid of Overly Permissive Identities – Reduce overly permissive access to only allow users to access what they need and reduce risk.