Identity Security

Human & Non-Human

Identity Security

Discover human and non-human identities across clouds.
Understand who has access to what and enforce least privilege access across your services.

Understand Identity Access

Discover identities from the source (IdP & cloud IAM)
Find overly permissive roles and exposure
Avoid breaches, prioritize
risks, ensure least privilege

Understand identity access from source to destination. Discover & analyze human and non-human identities across clouds. Eliminate unused or overly permissive roles and enforce least privilege access.

Understand Who Has Access to What

See and understand all of your human and non-human identities and their permissions in one unified location. Automatically detect resources with high-privilege roles in risk of being exploited.

Dynamically Enforce Least Privilege

Create policies to automatically give users the lowest level of access needed for their job function and eliminate unused or overly permissive privileges. Analyze your current permissions to understand who has access to what and automatically identify risky or stale permissions. Reduce overly permissive access to only allow users to access what they need and reduce risk.

Proactively Secure Non-Human Identities

Upwind Identity Security includes all identities that are associated with non-human entities, including IAM roles, IAM users, machine identities and Kubernetes Service Accounts. View execution roles, Kubernetes Service Accounts, and cross-account roles in one unified view to proactively reduce the risk of unauthorized breaches

Secure Human Identities Across Clouds

Upwind Identity Security automatically discovers all your human identities across clouds, giving you the ability to view all identities in a centralized location, automate actions to remove stale access, and achieve least priviledge across your accounts. Automatically receive relevant context such as permissions and risk assessments to evaluate whether their current permissions are “needed,” “highly privileged,” or “overly permissive.”

Identity Security

from Source to Destination

Discover human and non-human identities across clouds. Prioritize risk & exposure by understanding who has overly permissive roles or access to your most sensitive data and resources.