Secure Cloud Workloads the Right Way

Upwind’s CWPP helps you understand and protect everything you run in the cloud. Using lightweight eBPF agents, Upwind gives you deep context into your cloud environment, helping you connect the dots by leveraging runtime data, identities managements, CI/CD events and git/code changes.

Lightweight & Efficient
eBPF Agent
Deep Cloud
Assessment & Context
Multi-Cloud &
Multi-Architecture Protection
Centralized Workload Protection
  • See Everything in Your Cloud – 360º visibility into your cloud environment with continuous scanning for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Real-Time Threat Detection – Identify threats as they occur and get to the root cause 10x faster with context that is service oriented, based on eBPF and correlated with identities.
  • Contextualized End-to-End Protection – Runtime-to-cloud analysis with context from CI/CD events, git/code changes and audit logs.
Focus on the Vulnerabilities that Matter
  • Reduce the Attack Surface Dramatically – Find software packages that are not in use and remove them from builds.
  • Cut >90% of Your CVEs Noise – Prioritize vulnerabilities that pose a risk to your business based on real environmental variables.
  • Clear Remediation – Save thousands of hours by solving the most critical alerts at the container/VM image level.
  • CI/CD Awareness – Go directly to the root cause of vulnerabilities with context from CI/CD & git/code changes.
Real-Time Threat Detection & Response
  • Signature-Based & Signature-Less Threat Detection – Detect known malware signatures and perform signature-less threat detection based on runtime context of your cloud environment.
  • API Discovery & Protection – Discover and protect your API attack surface and elevate layer 7 visibility.
  • Intelligent Threat Response – Stop threats as they happen by going directly to the root cause and responding with context and automation.
The Upwind eBPF Agent
  • Lightweight Agent – eBPF is part of the OS and consumes less than <0.05% cpu.
  • Multi-Cloud & Multi-Architecture – eBPF exists in Linux & Windows VMs, containers and K8s.
  • Easy to Deploy & Operate – eBPF runs in the OS kernel space with a self auto-healing mechanism.
  • Real-Time Response – Upwind’s eBPF agent provides the ability to block specific network traffic and intercept any system calls.
Runtime-Powered Workload Protection

Upwind lets you see and protect everything you run in the cloud, in one centralized location. Get total visibility, prioritize your critical vulnerabilities and identity threats in real-time to protect all of your running workloads.