The Fastest Way to Get to the Bottom of Security Incidents

Upwind gives you in-depth analysis of everything in your cloud, providing enhanced visibility for security teams, real-time context for cloud activities and insight into the entire application lifecycle.
Infrastructure, Application
& Identity Context
End-to-end Software Lifecycle
Visibility From Runtime to Code
Signature-Based & Signatureless
Threat Detection & Response
  • Signature-based – Actively identify known malicious software signatures and network patterns from multiple threat intelligence sources.
  • Signatureless – Identify the blind spots by continuously building a baseline for your workloads and quickly identify deviations and abnormal activities that pose a threat to your infrastructure.
  • Streamlined Response –  Automatically respond to active threats with the ability to block processes and network calls and quarantine workloads. Receive built-in remediation plans with every alert.
Contextualized Runtime to Build Time Analysis
  • Unified Cloud Context – Correlate events across your workloads, cloud accounts and CI/CD pipelines for faster threat detection and remediation.
  • Runtime-Powered Root Cause Analysis – Leverage runtime and CI/CD data (right to left) to build a contextualized root cause analysis with every detection and get to the bottom of incidents 10x faster.
  • Connect the Dots from Runtime to Build Time – Correlate cloud infrastructure and CI/CD events, audit logs and git/code changes for full-circle understanding of which build time decisions impact runtime security, down to the specific developer.
Timeline-based Detections & Event Correlation
  • Multi-layer Network Traffic Analysis – correlate events from L3 & L4 (ports & protocols) together with L7 (APIs) network traffic & OS-level process analysis.
  • SSH Session Monitoring – correlate individual user logins & view commands that have been executed for compliance and investigation purposes.
  • Container Images Protection – Verify the container images’ SHA and whether they come from a trusted source.
  • Runtime Immutability – Ensure that containers stay immutable at the runtime and do not create or modify the binary files, scripts, or libraries during the lifetime of the container.