Elevated CVEs Detection & Noise Reduction

Upwind’s lightweight eBPF-agent identifies vulnerabilities across multi-cloud 
and multi-architecture environments, helping you prioritize and remediate 
the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest risks to your organization.

Vulnerability Detection
Vulnerability Management
Critical Vulnerabilities
Manage Your Risk with Runtime Insights
  • Focus on What Matters – Solve only the vulnerabilities that introduce a real risk to your business.
  • Reduce the Attack Surface – Find software packages that are not in use and remove them from builds.
  • Prioritize Vulnerabilities – Contextualize vulnerabilities based on real environmental variables to determine risks such as Internet-facing, invoked packages & available fix.
  • Streamline Remediation – Save thousands of hours & resolve the most critical alerts at the container/VM image level.
Scan at Build + Scan at runtime
  • SCA – Use runtime analysis to build smarter and more secure & fix vulnerabilities at build.
  • Streamline Remediation – Immediately find and remediate vulnerabilities in production environments.
  • Root Cause Analysis – Go directly to root cause of vulnerabilities & cut days of work from triage flows.
Why Agent-Based?
  • Deep Context – Build SBOM at runtime and go mile deep with agent-based vulnerability discovery and runtime context.
  • Continuous Protection – Instead of snapshots that leave you with insight gaps, use an agent for continuous protection and visibility.
  • Lightweight eBPF Agent – Avoid heavy, slow agents that are hard to deploy and manage.
  • Simplified Agent Management – Deploy one agent for your entire CNAPP.
Runtime-Powered Risk Management

Understand and manage your real risks with runtime insights. Upwind prioritizes vulnerabilities that pose a real risk to your organization using runtime context, cutting your CVEs noise by >90% and helping you focus on the alerts that actually matter.