Upwind in Action: CallRail

Industry: Marketing Analytics


  • CallRail wanted a comprehensive security solution to act as an extension of its security team for vulnerability management, threat detection, and posture.
  • CallRail wanted a solution that would provide Ops and Apps engineers with additional context in a way that is streamlined and easy to implement.
  • CallRail wanted a solution that would easily prioritize and contextualize vulnerabilities and threats for their security team.


  • Upwind’s CNAPP provides CallRail with centralized vulnerability management, threat detection, and compliance.
  • The Upwind platform offers CallRail prioritized alerts and easy-to-understand findings, providing vital Ops and App security context.
  • Upwind automatically provides CallRail with context that helps their team save time and streamline the remediation process.

CallRail is an AI-powered lead intelligence platform based in the US, which makes it easy for businesses to centrally track and record calls, monitor website performance, and view analytics for all business leads. Upwind’s CNAPP ensures data privacy, ensures posture best practices, manages vulnerabilities, and detects and responds to threats in real time.

CNAPP: Saving Time by Centralizing Security

CallRail needed a comprehensive solution that could serve as an extension of their security team and provide them with threat detections, vulnerability management, and posture insights. Upwind’s CNAPP offers a consolidated security tool that covers all of these areas and allows its security team to detect and respond to threats in real time. By utilizing runtime context, Upwind automatically provides CallRail with context that helps their team save time and streamline the remediation process.

“Burnout from alert fatigue is real, Upwind helps us eliminate alert fatigue by providing us with information that is relevant and actionable in real-time.”

Making Compliance an Automated Security Practice

As part of their comprehensive security strategy, CallRail aims to ensure compliance is baked into their security practices, ensuring they always remain compliant with relevant control requirements such as SOC and HIPAA.

Using Upwind, CallRail can automatically view all control requirements for SOC, HIPAA, and PCI, allowing them to view requirements at a glance and immediately remediate any potential violations. This has helped CallRail reduce audit times, generate reports with all their compliance requirements, and manage controls directly within the Upwind console.

Expanding Context to Fix Detections Faster

CallRail’s main use case for Upwind was to provide additional context for detections, streamline remediation efforts, and supply the necessary information to Ops and App engineers.

Upwind combines CI/CD awareness and runtime insights, giving CallRail’s security team built-in insights and root cause analysis from within the Upwind platform, helping them streamline their investigations and reduce their remediation time. This has helped their team save time and focus on fixing detections faster.

“Upwind has truly acted as an extension of our security team, making it even easier for us to ensure compliance, automate security workflows, and focus our efforts on remediations in record time.”

Streamlined Workflows to Elevate Remediation

Upwind’s workflow management can sync with tracking solutions to create and resolve issues automatically. Specific workflows can also be created to send alerts to particular users or teams for detecting vulnerabilities and threats. This centralized platform ensures that security concerns are addressed promptly.

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