Upwind in Action: Cogniteam

Industry: Robotics


  • Cogniteam needed a cloud security solution that will provide their team with 
real-time threat detection and response in Oracle cloud.
  • The Cogniteam security team needed a solution that will help their team focus on critical detections.
  • Cogniteam previously required several different solutions to secure their cloud and wanted a comprehensive solution that could replace multiple tools.


  • Upwind gives Cogniteam real-time detection in response in all major clouds and any additional clouds, including Oracle Cloud.
  • Upwind cut Cogniteam’s alert noise significantly, helping them focus their time on the most critical risks.
  • Upwind’s consolidated CNAPP replaced multiple solutions for Cogniteam, helping their security team consolidate efforts and save time and money.
Cogniteam is a cloud robotics platform that helps organizations control, deploy and manage robots and fleets. Cogniteam leverages Upwind’s CNAPP for multiple use cases including real-time threat detection and response, security tool consolidation and specifically for cloud security within Oracle Cloud.

Save Time with One Consolidated Platform

Cogniteam has long been aware of the need for complete cloud security, but previously required multiple different solutions to provide adequate coverage. Their team found using multiple solutions both costly and ineffective, as it required their security team to master multiple solutions and constantly check multiple dashboards.

With Upwind’s CNAPP, Cogniteam was able to replace multiple tools. This saved their organization money on costly, unnecessary subscriptions, as well as saving their security team valuable time by protecting their entire cloud infrastructure in one centralized platform. Using the Upwind platform has helped them focus their efforts and streamline the entire remediation process by having all the needed information in one place.

“Upwind has been a game changer for our security team. We previously required multiple tools to protect our cloud infrastructure. With Upwind, we receive even better protection in one platform, helping our teams focus their efforts and saving us both time and money.”

Improve Security Team Focus

By reducing the number of tools they use and focusing on one centralized platform, Cogniteam’s security team has been able to significantly improve its focus and increase productivity. 

Rather than juggling multiple information streams, they now receive one consolidated task list, which has made managing their open tasks significantly easier and improved collaboration between Cogniteam’s DevOps and Security teams.

Prioritize Real Risks

Going beyond providing one consolidated task list and a simplified remediation process, Upwind has also helped Cogniteam to reduce alert noise and prioritize real risks.

Cogniteam’s previous tools would often provide their security team with countless alerts and false positives, resulting in wasted time and a lack of clarity on what their real risks were. By using Upwind’s prioritized vulnerability management, Cogniteam was able to view their most critical risks within seconds and take action to fix them. This has not only cut down their alert noise significantly, but also helped them to rapidly reduce the number of critical vulnerabilities in their environment.

“Within minutes of connecting Upwind, we were able to understand our most critical vulnerabilities. Our team was able to take this information and start fixing our most critical risks - a task that would have taken us days or weeks to complete prior to using Upwind.”

Real-Time Cloud Security in Oracle Cloud

One of the main challenges that Cogniteam faced when looking for a cloud security solution is that they required a tool that would provide complete protection in Oracle Cloud. By using Upwind, they were able to immediately receive protection and receive end-to-end visibility into their cloud infrastructure. Upwind’s support of both major clouds, on-premises data centers and specialty clouds has provided Cogniteam with the needed flexibility to remain agile while providing comprehensive security for their cloud infrastructure.

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