Upwind in Action: Intezer

Industry: Security Operations


  • Intezer needed a tool to streamline threat detection and vulnerability management for their cloud environment.
  • Intezer was previously using 3 tools to cover its multi-cloud infrastructure: CSPM, vulnerability scanning, and container scanning, and wanted a consolidated solution.
  • Intezer needed a way to contextualize and prioritize security vulnerabilities and their mitigation across all the layers of the cloud.


  • Upwind shows risks across the cloud account, VMs, containers, and packages, allowing the consolidation of security solutions.
  • Upwind leverages runtime insights to provide Intezer with granular information to prioritize active and exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Upwind helps Intezer reduce their average time to mitigate a security issue.

Intezer provides an Autonomous SOC platform: a fully automated Level 1 SOC powered by AI that triages alerts and investigates security incidents. Intezer leverages Upwind’s CNAPP for a number of use cases, including vulnerability management, CSPM, and real-time threat detection and response.

Cloud Protection and Security Through a Single Pane of Glass

Intezer previously required 3 tools to cover their multi-cloud infrastructure: CSPM, vulnerability scanning, and container scanning, which created a lot of noise and required their team to manage multiple dashboards on a daily basis. By using Upwind, they have been able to reduce spend on multiple tools and view all of their security metrics in one centralized location. 

This has saved their team time and allowed them to adopt a more centralized approach to cloud security, using Upwind as a single pane of glass for cloud infrastructure visibility and protection.

“Upwind has given us an end-to-end view of our multi-cloud infrastructure in a single platform, which previously required us to use multiple tools. Upwind truly acts as a single pane of glass for our security team, helping us focus on what’s important.”

Complete Visibility of Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Upwind has not only helped Intezer to consolidate its tools and have a centralized view of its multi-cloud infrastructure, it also has helped their security team gain a better understanding of real-time network topology and have an end-to-end view of their cloud infrastructure. Upwind’s combination of CI/CD awareness and runtime insights gives Intezer needed context to see real-time resource communication and trace the root cause of threats and vulnerabilities.

Contextual Risk Analysis and Prioritization

Upwind helps Intezer understand risks and critical vulnerabilities across multiple layers and links those risks with runtime data to understand and prioritize risks effectively. By using runtime data and connecting it with build time intelligence, Upwind gives Intezer an end-to-end view of their cloud infrastructure and applications and helps them quickly identify critical risks and remediate them.

“We use Upwind's real-time insights to prioritize vulnerabilities effectively across various layers. This ensures our response is quick and well-informed, aligning with our operational priorities and threat landscape.”

Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Upwind helps Intezer continuously monitor their cloud environments to ensure they maintain compliance. By proactively monitoring for posture compliance, Upwind helps Intezer maintain security best practices and uphold top-tier security standards and posture requirements. The ability to view this data in the Upwind Platform has helped Intezer streamline their reporting progress and easily demonstrate robust security posture to auditors and stakeholders.

Make Cloud Security Simple.