Protect Your Most Critical Cloud Data & Secrets

Identify exposed secrets & sensitive data and streamline data classification to ensure data security. Upwind leverages runtime context to give accurate risk scores for threats and vulnerabilities and help you understand which exposed data & secrets pose a critical risk to your organization.
Exposed Secrets
Sensitive Data
Data Risks
Proactively Protect Sensitive Data
  • Automatically Discover Sensitive Data – Upwind scans your cloud environment to identify and streamline the classification of PII, PCI and PHI data, enabling you to proactively protect your data.
  • Ensure Data Safety – Upwind’s runtime sensor discovers and classifies data in your own private network without sending any actual data out of your perimeter, ensuring data never leaves your environment.
  • Evaluate Risky Data Permissions – Discover “highly privileged” human and machine identities and prioritize 
risks that involve sensitive data.
Automatically Find & Fix Exposed Secrets
  • Identify Exposed Secrets – Automatically find exposed secrets such as OAuth tokens, AWS secret keys, SSH keys, API keys and database passwords.
  • Contextualize Secret Exposure – Get accurate risk scores for threats and vulnerabilities to understand which exposed secrets pose a critical risk to your organization.
Prioritize Sensitive Data Risks with Attack Path Analysis
  • Continuous Attack Path Monitoring – Upwind topology map automatically alerts you to potential threats and shows you attack paths involving sensitive data in real-time, helping you proactively remediate them before they become breaches.
  • Prevent Attacks with Cloud Infrastructure Context – Uncover attack paths to sensitive data in real-time, prioritizing risks such as exposure to the internet and exploitable lateral movement paths.
  • Prioritize Data Risk – Leverage runtime insights to contextualize data usage and risk and rank them by severity, allowing your teams focus on your most critical data issues.