eBPF-Based Analysis of Workload Processes, Files and Network

Upwind’s eBPF-agent gives you in-depth analysis of everything in your cloud, providing enhanced visibility for security teams, real-time context for cloud activities and insight into the entire application lifecycle.

Deep Visibility &

Real-Time Context
Contextualized Analysis

of Cloud Assets
Application Life Cycle Context

from CI/CD to Runtime
Signature-Based + Signature-Less Detection & Response
  • Signature-Based – Stay ahead of attackers and actively identify known malware signatures.  Create custom policies for automated response.
  • Signature-Less – Scan and categorize your cloud assets and resources. With machine-based learning, identify normal cloud behaviors and receive custom alerts for abnormal activity happening within your cloud environment, including Internet ingress/egress, security group changes, privilege escalations and lateral movements.
Proactive Threat Hunting
  • Cloud Topology Map – At-a-glance insights into communication between resources and network communication, including Internet ingress/egress traffic.
  • Streamlined Threat Identification –  Correlate events and get to the root cause of threats 10x faster.
  • Automated Response – Respond to threats and bad actors with automated policies.
Enhanced API Security
  • Go Beyond Perimeter Security – Continuously monitor and secure all API endpoints both externally and internally.
  • Out of the Box Protection Against the OWASP Top 10 –
    • Broken Object Level Authorization
    • Broken Authentication
    • Broken Object Property Level Authorization
    • Unrestricted Resource Consumption
    • Broken Function Level Authorization
    • Unrestricted Access to Sensitive Business Flows
    • Server Side Request Forgery
    • Security Misconfiguration
    • Improper Inventory Management
    • Unsafe Consumption of APIs
Runtime-Powered Threat Detection & Response

Real threats and attacks happen at runtime. Upwind’s real-time, contextualized threat detection lets you identify risks and threats, get to the root cause 10x faster and respond with context and automation.