We are excited to announce a new capability – custom runtime topology map views.

This allows you to view Upwind’s runtime topology map with predefined filters including riskiest resources and resources with active internet ingress.

We will be constantly adding new out-of-the-box views, and you can also create your own custom views with any combination of filters including filtering by:

  • Cloud provider
  • Cloud account
  • Resource kind
  • Resources
  • Risk Overview
  • Tags
  • Labels

In addition to using Upwind’s predefined filters, you can also use custom filter options including filtering by Internet resources, sensitive data, ports and more. 

Use our custom views capability to quickly access real-time network topology insights and focus your searches on the relevant resources and resource behaviors. Perhaps most importantly, you can also use this capability to rapidly prioritize your most vulnerable resources and potential attack paths, helping your team improve time to remediation and heighten your overall security stance.