We are excited to announce an important expansion of our data security. Following our recent capability to scan for secret files, our runtime sensor can now automatically discover any sensitive data file and streamline its data classification.

Protecting sensitive data is one of the most prominent objectives for infrastructure & security teams. With this new capability, you can now automatically discover sensitive data that is present on your workloads; including:

  • PII data (such as SSNs, IDs, Emails, etc)
  • PCI data (such as credit cards, billing information, etc)
  • PHI data (such as patient information, medical records & insurance information)

Upwind’s runtime sensor does this discovery and classification in your own private network without sending any actual data out of your perimeter, so you can be automatically notified of the presence of sensitive data, while data never leaves your environment. 

Use this capability to quickly identify exposed data and streamline data classification, saving time for your team and helping you strengthen your overall cloud security and data security.