Easily Discover Your Cloud Storage Inventory

Starting today, Upwind users will have the ability to access their entire storage inventory in the cloud via easy to-query graph database and view all assets including; This new capability allows you to easily discover any type of storage in your cloud and track important parameters such as location and encryption, risks and possible threats. […]

Understand Your Compute Across Clouds

We are excited to announce that Upwind has launched a brand new compute tab in our the inventory page, giving you an entirely new way to discover and view all your compute assets in the cloud. Use this feature to view Kubernetes clusters and their workloads, scaling groups, hosts, lambda functions and more, and easily […]

Skip The Bureaucracy & Customize Your Resource Tagging

You asked, we listened. Starting today, you can use custom resource tagging on the Upwind platform. This will give you the ability to label a specific asset to your custom parameters, making it easier to filter, group and find anywhere in the platform. We know you have your own system of organizing resources, and with […]