Understanding Kubernetes Identities, Part 1

When it comes to Kubernetes, managing identities is pivotal for ensuring secure and efficient cluster operations. These identities can be human users or machines, each requiring specific permissions to perform their tasks. In our latest research, we have explored what Kubernetes identities are, the default identities, the permissions they can have, how to configure these […]

Upwind Discovers New ArgoCD CVE-2024-37152 & Takes Over a Kubernetes Cluster

The Upwind research team is constantly monitoring the evolving threat landscape for emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and we recently discovered a new Unauthenticated Access vulnerability in ArgoCD – CVE-2024-37152. While this is only a moderate CVE, our research team found it as part of a toxic combination that included internet exposure. This combination permitted unauthorized […]

GitLab Releases Critical CVEs Batch

GitLab has released crucial updates for both its Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) with versions 17.1.1, 17.0.3, and 16.11.5. These updates address multiple high-severity security vulnerabilities, and all GitLab installations must be upgraded to these versions immediately. GitLab.com is already running the patched versions. Run Pipelines as Any User (CVE-2024-5655) This flaw allows […]

regreSSHion: RCE in OpenSSH’s Server on glibc-based Linux Systems (CVE-2024-6387)

OpenSSH is widely known for managing secure shell connections (SSH). However, a recently discovered vulnerability in OpenSSH’s server (sshd), known as regreSSHion, has been identified. If a client does not authenticate within the LoginGraceTime (120 seconds by default, 600 seconds in older versions), sshd’s SIGALRM handler is called asynchronously. This signal handler calls functions that […]

Deep Dive: CVE-2024-37902 and Potential Impact on DeepJavaLibrary Users

AWS announced today, June 17, that there is a potential security issue with archive extraction utilities in DeepJavaLibrary versions 0.1.0 through 0.27.0 that could allow an attacker to tamper with your system. What is DeepJavaLibrary? DJL is a free, open-source library by AWS used for building deep learning models in Java. It provides easy-to-use tools […]