After 9 months of working closely with AWS customers and the AWS Service teams, we are excited to announce that Upwind is now an AWS Marketplace add-on for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) embedded directly into the AWS Management Console.

Upwind joins a small number of approved ISVs around the globe, allowing customers to deploy Upwind on Amazon EKS clusters using the same methods you use to deploy native AWS services (automatic discovery & deployment) either manually via the AWS Management Console, AWS APIs or via Infrastructure as Code (AWS CloudFormation & Terraform).

This integration makes it easy for customers to automatically deploy Upwind directly to their existing and newly created EKS clusters without any procurement process involved, rather than going through the often months-long process of discovery, deployment, and management.
Once you enable the Upwind EKS Addon – Upwind can start protecting and securing all the existing and new EKS clusters across your AWS accounts.

Deploying Upwind as a Marketplace, EKS Add-On

The process of deploying Upwind is simple when deploying directly through the EKS console:

  1. Discover the Upwind EKS add-on in the Amazon EKS add-on catalog.
  2. Subscribe to the Upwind EKS add-on using AWS Marketplace.
  3. Amazon EKS verifies the subscription to ensure that the cluster operator is entitled to use the Upwind software add-on.
  4. Amazon EKS deploys the Upwind add-on to the EKS cluster.

AWS also offers a detailed, step-by-step guide to deployment through both the EKS console and AWS CLI with further information on the installation process. 

Bring the Power of eBPF Security to All of Your EKS Clusters 

Upwind’s EKS add-on allows you to bring the power of eBPF-powered security and visibility directly to your container clusters through a lightweight sensor.

The eBPF-based sensor immediately lets you see real-time network traffic and maps your end-to-end service topology with graph-based network and process-level topology of your containers’ infrastructure.

Resolve AWS IPs & ENIs to the Actual AWS Service

Upwind leverages the network protocol (Layer 3), the IP addresses (Layer 4), APIs, and DNSs (Layer 7) to resolve the internal IP addresses and AWS ENIs (Elastic Network Interfaces) information to their respective AWS services, such as Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, SQS, SES, Elasticache, DynamoDB, the actual S3 buckets, API gateways and more.

This provides accurate, end-to-end visibility of rapidly evolving cloud environments, with an increasing number of PaaS and IaaS components & neighbors every day.

Upwind combines DNS and API endpoint data with process-level visibility to show where requests came from and which AWS native service is involved in the path.

Real-Time K8s Threat Detection & Response 

In addition to end-to-end network and application-level visibility, Upwind’s EKS add-on provides you with real-time k8s threat detection and response, allowing you to identify malicious activity in your environment and provide a surgical response in a granular way. The response can come in different levels such as:

  • Process level: the ability to target and terminate a specific malicious process.
  • Network level: the ability to stop network-level attacks such as data exfiltration
  • System call level: the ability to block a ransomware attack by blocking unusual file encryption system calls 

The Upwind sensor uses multiple intelligent threat detection feeds to identify and respond to malicious activities in containers such as abnormal data access, lateral movements and privilege escalations.

By leveraging runtime data, Upwind contextualizes risk factors and prioritizes the most critical risks across your containers infrastructure, applications and identities – helping you focus, detect what matters and streamline automatic response and remediation efforts.

Learn More About Upwind’s AWS EKS Add-On

Use Upwind’s EKS add-on to instantly start protecting your existing EKS clusters, bake in real-time security to your future clusters, and leverage real-time k8s threat detection and response, all with the click of a button.

For more information on Upwind’s EKS add-on or how Upwind provides real-time container security, drop us a line at [email protected].