Upwind and RealCloud announced today that the companies have entered a strategic partnership to launch the Upwind Cloud Security Platform in Latin America, bringing the runtime-powered CNAPP (Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform) & cloud security to Latin America’s most innovative and influential enterprises and organizations.

The agreement brings together a modern, enterprise-ready, cutting-edge cloud security and regional technology expertise, bringing needed cybersecurity advancements to Latin America. 

Upwind is a cloud security provider and RealCloud is a leading provider of technology solutions to the Latin American market.

“We are excited to collaborate with a customer-obsessed partner such as RealCloud; our relationship with RealCloud goes many years back,” said Upwind CEO Amiram Shachar. “We’ve already helped dozens of customers, top banks and technology companies, in Brazil and the entire Latin America region, with RealCloud in our previous startup- helping DevOps engineers optimize and automate their cloud infrastructure. We are confident that this continuing relationship and partnership will be even bigger with Upwind’s cloud security platform, as runtime cloud security, understanding application identity, and fast response to cybersecurity attacks are some of the most important challenges for every security team out there.”

The partnership between Upwind and RealCloud will pair RealCloud’s technology expertise and strong regional ties with Upwind’s cutting-edge cloud security technology. This will make real-time cloud security available to the Latin American public and help drive the adoption of needed cybersecurity advancements for Latin American organizations.

“We have a strong relationship with the Upwind team.” said RealCloud CEO Silvio Pereira. “We know that when giving customers an opportunity to buy Upwind’s CNAPP we will not only be providing them with an industry-leading cybersecurity solution, we will also be giving them the opportunity to work with one of the best teams in the business with the highest commitment to customer service and ongoing innovation.”

“We have spoken to numerous influential regional organizations who have confirmed the pressing need for Upwind’s CNAPP in the Latin American market, and we look forward to making it readily available through RealCloud,” said Shachar.

RealCloud customers will now be able to access Upwind directly, streamlining the procurement of real-time cloud security and offering strong regional support for its adoption.

“Cloud security is one of the most prominent conversations happening today in Brazil and all of Latin America,” said Pereira. “Upwind provides a needed solution to guard against cyber attacks and help Latin American organizations strengthen their security.”

About Upwind

Upwind is the runtime-powered CNAPP that leverages runtime data to secure your cloud infrastructure. Upwind helps you mitigate the risks that actually matter, identify the root causes of threats in minutes and respond with context and automation. This allows you to protect everything you run in the cloud in one centralized platform, whose capabilities include CSPM, CIEM, CWPP, CDR, API security, vulnerability management, threat detection and response, and severless and container security. 

About RealCloud

RealCloud, a global company headquartered in Brazil and the USA,  is the leading provider of continuous cloud management and optimization solutions in Latin America RealCloud’s approach enables its customers’ cloud workloads to have the ideal infrastructure: automated, with availability, performance, security, and governance at the lowest possible cost. The company has assisted over 180 customers in saving more than US $270 million, including industry leaders such as VTEX, Nubank, Wildlife, OLX, iFood, Hotmart, Riachuelo, Bancolombia, among many other giants in the utilization of cloud technology in Brazil and Latin America. For more information, please visit https://www.realcloud.systems/