We are excited to announce the release of Upwind’s “Issue Stories” – a GenAI-based capability designed to address the challenge of connecting the dots between seemingly isolated security findings.

By providing a unified narrative that consolidates and contextualizes events Upwind has determined to be related, Issue Stories enhance the comprehensiveness of our existing Issue types (toxic combinations of threats, vulnerabilities, exposed secrets & posture misconfigurations).

Issue Stories act as incident summaries, consolidating detections, vulnerabilities, and SSH login activity. This unified perspective offers a deeper understanding of security events by detailing the sequence of events, their implications, and their impact within a single narrative. Attacks often begin with subtle reconnaissance actions that might be tagged as separate events. With Issue Stories, these events are contextualized as part of the full attack sequence, allowing for a clearer picture of how an incident unfolds. 

Issue Stories transform security investigations by addressing alert fatigue, providing context, and enabling timely responses. By consolidating relevant data points into a clear narrative, Issue Stories allow teams to focus on the bigger picture and prioritize threats more effectively. They detail the sequence of events, including vulnerabilities, detections, and login activity, giving a deeper understanding of the “why” behind an event. This comprehensive view streamlines investigations, allowing for faster and more efficient threat responses.

“Upwind Issue Stories has drastically reduced triage and investigation time by correlating runtime detections with audit logs and giving us end-to-end visibility. Understanding who did what, how, and when, at a single glance has been a major game-changer”

Dobromir Kosev, Security Engineer, Yotpo

Beneficial not only to security teams but also to developers and DevOps engineers, Issue Stories bridge the gaps between these domains, surfacing and contextualizing all relevant issues. This unified narrative enhances collaboration and strengthens the overall security posture.

To learn more about Upwind’s Issue Stories and risk prioritization, visit the Upwind Documentation Center (login required) or schedule a demo.