We are excited to announce a new section in the Upwind Platform – the Vulnerability Dashboard. 

The Vulnerability Dashboard will give you the ability to see both an overview of your current critical vulnerabilities and the state of your vulnerabilities over time. 

Get an instant overview of your current vulnerabilities, including:

  • the most critical vulnerabilities that should be prioritized for remediation 
  • the amount of vulnerabilities by severity
  • the number of CVEs and severities for Kubernetes workloads, scaling groups, and hosts. 
  • top container images with the highest number of critical CVEs.

The Vulnerability Dashboard will also give you high-level insights into your vulnerability management over time, including: 

  • how your environment was exposed over a period of time 
  • how many new vulnerabilities were introduced versus how many were resolved 
  • the number of CVEs count and severities for each workload type over a period of time

Use Upwind’s Vulnerability Dashboard to easily get a high-level overview of the state of your vulnerabilities, and use this feature to evaluate and track your organization’s progress with vulnerability remediation over time.