We are excited to announce support for CRI-O (Container Runtime Interface – Orchestrator).

CRI-O is an implementation of the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI) to enable using Open Container Initiative (OCI) compatible runtimes, making integration between Kubernetes and container runtimes lightweight & seamless.

Upwind’s eBPF sensor will now support CRI-O users, in addition to our existing support of other container runtimes such as Containerd and Docker.

“Upwind’s support of Cri-o makes it easy for us to ensure that we have full visibility of our container environments and can protect them in real time. Leveraging Upwind helped us strengthen our cloud security and gives us end-to-end protection of all of our running workloads.”

-Dr. Yehuda Elmaliah, Co-founder & CEO, Cogniteam

This new capability allows you to receive runtime insights and protections for CRI-O Kubernetes environments including:

Using this new capability from Upwind to receive runtime protections and insights for Kubernetes environments with CRI-O runtimes and strengthen your overall infrastructure security.