View API Endpoints and Layer 3, 4 & 7 Traffic on Upwind’s Topology Map

We are excited to announce a new capability that allows you to discover and view API endpoints on Upwind’s infrastructure topology map. We recently launched Upwind API Security, through which you can discover your API catalog, and identify API vulnerabilities and threats. This new capability expands this even further, allowing you to view API endpoints […]

Extending our API Security Support for GraphQL Endpoints

We are excited to announce a significant new capability in our API Security tab, aimed at providing unprecedented visibility into GraphQL-based APIs. GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs, along with a runtime for executing queries. It’s a powerful alternative to REST that enables efficient and flexible data aggregation from multiple […]

Upwind Extends its Runtime-Powered Cloud Security Platform with API Security

In today’s digital world, where cloud security threats are constantly evolving, Upwind is leading the charge to stay one step ahead of the risks. We’re excited to unveil Upwind API Security, a key part of our comprehensive security platform. With businesses relying more on online services to operate, the need for strong, adaptable protection has […]