In today’s digital world, where cloud security threats are constantly evolving, Upwind is leading the charge to stay one step ahead of the risks. We’re excited to unveil Upwind API Security, a key part of our comprehensive security platform. With businesses relying more on online services to operate, the need for strong, adaptable protection has never been greater. Our new API Security feature is designed to shield these vital services from online threats, ensuring companies can thrive safely in the digital era.

Designed from the ground up to meet our customers’ needs, Upwind API Security is a testament to our commitment to proactive, adaptable defense. By anticipating and neutralizing digital risks ahead of time, our solution ensures your business is not just protected against current threats but also prepared for the future. This strategy, emphasizing real-time analysis and a forward-looking approach, is our way of putting the needs of our customers first. Experience a new era of API security with us, where safeguarding your success is our top priority.

A Comprehensive Solution for Your API Security Needs

Upwind API Security enhances our robust security service by introducing a unified platform designed to address, analyze, and automate your API protection. It integrates seamlessly with our existing services, adding three pivotal features for comprehensive risk mitigation, root cause analysis, and adaptive response:

1. API Endpoint Catalog

Comprehensive visibility into your API endpoints is the cornerstone of any robust API security strategy. Upwind’s Endpoint Catalog serves as a centralized repository, dynamically cataloging and mapping your APIs in real time. Through the analysis of actual traffic using eBPF technology, Upwind takes a significant step forward to add information from Layer 7 (the application layer). This ensures a thorough understanding of your API landscape, providing real-time adaptation to the dynamic nature of cloud environments.

“Upon deploying Upwind into our production environment, within just 5 minutes we gained comprehensive visibility into our infrastructure and applications. The integration provided us with invaluable insights into threat detection, vulnerabilities, and posture for all of our API endpoints.”

-Ophir Zahavi, Cloud Engineering Manager,

Rich Context and In-Depth API Insights

Gain unparalleled insights with rich context around API resources and endpoints, including:

  • Internet Exposure: Assess the level of exposure of each endpoint to the internet, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Actual Internet Ingress Communication: Discover if an API is continuously getting requests from the internet, exposing it to external risk. 
  • Drift Detection: Easily identify whether an endpoint is documented in the docs/specs, ensuring transparency and compliance.
  • Sensitive Data Classification: Obtain insights into the sensitivity of data handled by each endpoint.

Requests and Responses Stats 

  • Access a historical record of the last 100 sessions for each endpoint, enabling in-depth analysis and retrospective insights into API behavior and performance.
  • Effortlessly analyze and interpret API responses with a detailed breakdown of response codes, ensuring quick identification and resolution of potential issues.

Upwind’s Endpoint Catalog, fortified with these key features, redefines API management by providing real-time visibility, rich contextual insights, and advanced analysis for your evolving cloud ecosystem.

2. API Vulnerabilities Management

Security is only as strong as its weakest link. Upwind API Security addresses this head-on with a robust API vulnerability management system. Upwind API Security incorporates testing based on the OWASP Top 10 from The Open Worldwide Application Security Project, ensuring coverage of the most critical vulnerabilities. Additionally, our comprehensive testing methodology combines automated scans with targeted tests to identify and remediate vulnerabilities effectively.

Key Features:

  • OWASP Top 10 Coverage: Focus on the most critical API vulnerabilities outlined by OWASP for comprehensive protection.
  • Test-Based Vulnerability Identification: Leverage rigorous testing methodology to identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring a proactive security stance.
  • Automated Scans: Continuously automate scans for ongoing vulnerability assessments, reducing manual effort and ensuring real-time protection.

3. API Threat Detection

With cyber threats constantly growing more sophisticated, Upwind API Security brings to you smart threat detection that monitors API traffic in real time, ensuring that any unusual activity is spotted immediately. Thanks to our advanced eBPF-based sensor, we can detect threats quickly and accurately, giving businesses the power to react fast and keep their data safe.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Continuous, real-time monitoring of API traffic for immediate threat detection.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Advanced algorithms to identify anomalous patterns indicative of potential threats.
  • Automated Response: Integration with automation workflows for prompt response to identified threats.

The Upwind Edge: eBPF-Powered Real-Time Analysis

The core of Upwind API Security’s competitive edge is our innovative use of eBPF for our sensors. This foundational element is key to the advanced features we’ve described, allowing us to deliver real-time analysis of API requests directly within the runtime environment. Unlike competitors, who may depend on more cumbersome methods such as external resources or mirroring requests, our eBPF-based approach means faster, more efficient threat detection with minimal overhead. It’s this underlying technology that sets Upwind apart, ensuring seamless deployment and superior performance in safeguarding digital assets.

“I found it incredibly intuitive that our workload protection seamlessly integrates API security in a single platform. Combining infrastructure and application security represents a seamless synergy that addresses a critical need in the cloud security space. This is the API security solution we were waiting for.”

-Yuval Fernbach, Co-Founder & CTO at Qwak

Key Advantages:

  • Zero Latency Analysis: Analyze real-time API requests without impacting system performance.
  • Resource Efficiency: No need for external mirrors or complex provisioning, simplifying deployment.
  • Immediate Actionability: Gain real-time insights, enabling immediate response to potential threats.

Learn More About Upwind API Security

Starting today, Upwind customers can access and utilize the API Endpoint Catalog, with access to the API Vulnerability Management and Threat Detection capabilities in the coming weeks. For more information on Upwind’s API Security, visit the Upwind Documentation Center (login required).