Upwind’s SBOM Explorer – Your Weapon for the Next 0-day Attack

We are excited to announce a new feature – Upwind’s Packages Tab. You can now view all of the packages in your environment and their dependencies in Upwind’s Packages Tab. This serves as an SBOM explorer, as it includes all packages (with or without vulnerabilities). With this capability, you can now search for all packages, […]

Automate Threat Detection & Response for Kubernetes Workloads

Upwind’s real-time threat detection capabilities have helped our customers identify threats and bad actors the moment they enter their cloud environment. This real-time, runtime-powered capability is the definition of shift-right security, and we have now taken it one step further by providing the ability to respond to threats as soon as they are detected. With […]

Identify Threats & Risks in a LinkerD-based Kubernetes Environment

We are excited to announce a new capability – LinkerD awareness.  LinkerD is a service mesh that allows organizations to secure, connect and monitor traffic to Kubernetes. Upwind will now identify LinkerD sidecars and proxies, in addition to our current Istio monitoring, and use this information as context for our threat detection and risk prioritization […]

Seamlessly Integrate Threat Detections into Your Workflows with Upwind’s Workflow Management

Announcing Upwind’s new capability – streamlined workflow management! Using Upwind’s Workflow Management, you can easily create workflows that streamline your remediation process.  You can customize your workflow by choosing: Leverage Upwind’s Workflow Management capabilities to create multiple streamlined workflows and ensure the right team members are receiving the most relevant alerts and tickets. Integrate with […]

Upwind’s Runtime-Powered Threat Detection

As organizations move to the cloud and put their mission-critical applications and most sensitive information in the cloud, adversaries target it and are using AI to compromise companies in hours, making the issue of threats and attempted cloud attacks a question of “when” not “if.” IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report in 2022 showed that 45 […]