We are excited to introduce support for Red Hat OpenShift in the Cloud or On-Premises.

Runtime Security for Red Hat OpenShift 

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a hybrid-cloud PaaS built around Linux containers, orchestrated and managed by Kubernetes with a Red Hat Enterprise Linux foundation.

With this new capability, you can now seamlessly protect Red Hat OpenShift with Upwind, on AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, or even On-premise (following our existing BYOC support for on-prem data centers and hybrid-cloud environments).

CWPP For Red Hat OpenShift

Upwind’s support for OpenShift unlocks the opportunity to achieve real-time security at runtime for your OpenShift containerized environment. These capabilities include finding misconfigurations, scanning for software and package vulnerabilities, and conducting a deep assessment of your network topology for threat detection, workload process security, malware protection, and anomaly detection.