We are excited to announce a new feature release – Upwind’s Connections Insights!
This feature gives you supercharged, out of the box DevSecOps insights and makes it even easier to understand your resource communication at a glance, giving you high-level insights about important things that are happening in your network.

Instead of diving into detailed reports, you can now see your most crucial connections insights at a glance, including:

  • Traffic by port
  • Main ports used 
  • Traffic by protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP)
  • Most active resources
  • Most active communication path between two entities
  • Traffic by process 
  • Traffic by type (Internet, in account, in cluster)

Using these insights, you can quickly understand which resources are communicating, which communication paths they are utilizing and who they are communicating with. This bird’s eye view of your resource connections helps you quickly spot abnormal communication, identify resource behavior and gain a better understanding of communication and connection paths in your environment.