We are excited to announce the release of a significant new capability – SSH session monitoring. 

In the dynamic landscape of remote system management, Secure Shell (SSH) serves as a pivotal tool, providing seamless access and control. However, this convenience also presents a Pandora’s box of potential security risks when SSH sessions go unmonitored. SSH, a cryptographic network protocol, facilitates secure communication over untrusted networks, allowing for efficient command execution and secure file transfers across distributed systems.

Unmonitored sessions can harbor suspicious activity, data exfiltration, and compliance nightmares. Upwind SSH Sessions solves this problem by giving DevOps and Security teams unparalleled visibility into their SSH sessions and actionable insights for improving infrastructure security.

Gain Unparalleled Visibility:

  • See Every Command: Monitor all processes running under SSHd, mapping every action and its resulting processes. Know exactly what happened during a session and eliminate auditing nightmares.
  • Get Deep SSH Context: Understand each command’s context, including the user who ran it, flags used, timestamps, and process information.

“The addition of SSH sessions monitoring is exactly what we needed for our compliance efforts. It’s a crucial capability that gives us more control and visibility into our system activities. It’s great to see Upwind deliver all of our workload protection needs with a single sensor and unified platform.”

-Ophir Zahavi, Cloud Engineering Manager at H2O.ai

Upwind’s SSH session monitoring goes beyond SSH session visibility, giving you actionable insights to ensure compliance and strengthen your infrastructure security. 

Empower Actionable Insights:

  • Triage incidents instantly: Pinpoint the root cause of suspicious activity immediately.
  • Simplify Compliance Audits: Demonstrate clear visibility and control over SSH access, easily meeting regulatory and internal security requirements.
  • Identify and Stop Threats: Detect unusual commands, unauthorized users, and odd access patterns in real time, streamlining detection and remediation. 

“I’m impressed by the proactive approach to security with the introduction of SSH sessions monitoring. Now we can get SSH sessions context in every threat and issue and get to the root cause way faster. It shows a deep understanding of our needs and challenges.”

-Aviv Noy, CTO at Rivery

Upwind’s SSH sessions capability is more than just a monitoring tool; it’s a proactive guardian of your infrastructure. It empowers you to see everything, understand everything, and control everything within your SSH environment.

Learn More About Upwind SSH Session Monitoring

For more information on Upwind’s SSH session monitoring, visit the Upwind Documentation Center or drop us a line at [email protected]