We are excited to announce the addition of a significant new capability to the Upwind cloud security platform, automatically streamlining CI/CD events context from your continuous integration or delivery platforms.

Upwind Cloud Security Platform offers unprecedented end-to-end visibility of your cloud infrastructure and applications, marrying intelligence from both build time and runtime to quickly prioritize your most critical risks and pinpoint the root cause of risks and threats. 

Streamline CI & CD Data Collection

In order to leverage build time data organizations traditionally were required to integrate their CI/CD pipeline with some sort of a monitoring platform to see insights and get tracking information. While this data is incredibly valuable for root cause analysis and identifying problem origins, continuous integration and continuous deployment are very fluid, which can make it challenging for customers to understand and track their CI/CD pipeline activities. 

Many organizations use multiple build and delivery platforms – sometimes even large numbers of them for varying deployments – meaning they would need to involve multiple teams to get a hold of this data. This can make it tedious to connect each CI/CD platform, despite the wealth of knowledge and visibility it provides.

To streamline this process and ease this pain point, Upwind has released a new capability, allowing the Upwind platform to automatically gather build-time and deploy-time insights without the need to connect with any of your CI/CD pipelines, saving organizations both time and resources that would otherwise be needed to integrate with each individual pipeline.

Leverage Build Time Data Automatically

Upwind does this deep build time discovery by automatically discovering your images and image versions within the Upwind platform, without requiring you to integrate with a build or delivery platform. This allows your team to streamline the connection and discovery process, making for a faster way to secure your cloud and start receiving end-to-end insights.

This capability gives you the power of build time insights, without connecting to CI/CD, including information on:

  • Build: image build information from when the image was first seen by Upwind
  • Delivery: information about image delivery and which images run on specific resources
  • Versions: image versions and images over time

End-to-End Infrastructure Visibility

This build time data is used to provide you with end-to-end visibility of your infrastructure and applications, streamline root cause analysis and pinpoint problem origins quickly. This knowledge is now baked into the Upwind platform, without any additional integrations.

For even more context such as the specific developer who made a pull request, users can continue to use the existing build and deployment integrations available through the Upwind platform.

Use this capability to quickly and automatically collect build time data from directly within the Upwind platform, without requiring any additional CI/CD integrations. Leverage this build time data to quickly receive end-to-end visibility of your infrastructure and applications, identify and prioritize critical risks, rapidly identify problem origins and strengthen your overall cloud security.