Get DevSecOps insights with Upwind’s Topology Map

We are excited to announce a new feature release – Upwind’s Connections Insights!This feature gives you supercharged, out of the box DevSecOps insights and makes it even easier to understand your resource communication at a glance, giving you high-level insights about important things that are happening in your network. Instead of diving into detailed reports, […]

Identify Threats and Risks in an Istio-based Kubernetes Environment

We are excited to announce a new capability – Istio awareness.  Istio allows organizations to secure, connect and monitor traffic to your microservices. Starting today, Upwind will identify Istio sidecars and proxies and use this information as context for our threat detection and risk prioritization engine. Upwind can now understand entire network flows, all the […]

Leverage Runtime Data to Govern Your Database Network Access

We are excited to announce that Upwind has now added enrichment to RDS clusters and Google Cloud SQL in our context-rich topology map, leveraging runtime data to let you govern your database network access. The Upwind platform has always shown communication to RDS, but starting now, the map will drill down into the specific databases […]