Easily Understand & Intelligently Secure Human & Machine Identities

In the ever changing & complex cloud infrastructure landscape, organizations must not only protect their cloud infrastructure and applications from external threats, but also secure from internal human and machine identities through the practice of Cloud Identity Entitlement Management (CIEM). Managing identities presents multiple challenges, ranging from the need for thorough auditing and generating compliance reports, […]

Pinpoint Vulnerability Origins With Complete Visibility into Container Image Layers

We are excited to release an important new capability – container image layer visibility. A Docker build consists of a series of ordered build instructions. A layer, or image layer, is a change in an image, or an intermediate image. Every command specified (FROM, RUN, COPY, etc.) in a Dockerfile causes the previous image to change, […]

Evaluating Microsoft’s Cyber Hack

Russian state-sponsored threat actor Nobelium recently attacked Microsoft and hacked numerous accounts using a password-spray attack. This allowed them to access a test account and gain access to Microsoft corporate email accounts, including senior leaders. After gaining access, they were able to operate within Microsoft’s infrastructure for more than two months before being discovered. This […]

Filter Your Network Topology in Real Time

We are excited to announce a new capability – custom runtime topology map views. This allows you to view Upwind’s runtime topology map with predefined filters including riskiest resources and resources with active internet ingress. We will be constantly adding new out-of-the-box views, and you can also create your own custom views with any combination […]

Major Themes from KubeCon + CloudNative 2023

Taking the time to attend KubeCon, even though I just attended virtually this year, is always a great way to keep up with what is happening in the Kubernetes & Cloud communities. There are technologies to dive into, products to explore, interesting lectures to see and a chance to meet with peers, either online or […]

Automate Threat Detection & Response for Kubernetes Workloads

Upwind’s real-time threat detection capabilities have helped our customers identify threats and bad actors the moment they enter their cloud environment. This real-time, runtime-powered capability is the definition of shift-right security, and we have now taken it one step further by providing the ability to respond to threats as soon as they are detected. With […]

Upwind’s Runtime-Powered Threat Detection

As organizations move to the cloud and put their mission-critical applications and most sensitive information in the cloud, adversaries target it and are using AI to compromise companies in hours, making the issue of threats and attempted cloud attacks a question of “when” not “if.” IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report in 2022 showed that 45 […]