Major Themes from KubeCon + CloudNative 2023

Taking the time to attend KubeCon, even though I just attended virtually this year, is always a great way to keep up with what is happening in the Kubernetes & Cloud communities. There are technologies to dive into, products to explore, interesting lectures to see and a chance to meet with peers, either online or […]

Automate Threat Detection & Response for Kubernetes Workloads

Upwind’s real-time threat detection capabilities have helped our customers identify threats and bad actors the moment they enter their cloud environment. This real-time, runtime-powered capability is the definition of shift-right security, and we have now taken it one step further by providing the ability to respond to threats as soon as they are detected. With […]

Upwind’s Runtime-Powered Threat Detection

As organizations move to the cloud and put their mission-critical applications and most sensitive information in the cloud, adversaries target it and are using AI to compromise companies in hours, making the issue of threats and attempted cloud attacks a question of “when” not “if.” IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report in 2022 showed that 45 […]