Evaluate Your Vulnerability Resolution Over Time

We are excited to announce a new section in the Upwind Platform – the Vulnerability Dashboard.  The Vulnerability Dashboard will give you the ability to see both an overview of your current critical vulnerabilities and the state of your vulnerabilities over time.  Get an instant overview of your current vulnerabilities, including: The Vulnerability Dashboard will […]

Filter Your Network Topology in Real Time

We are excited to announce a new capability – custom runtime topology map views. This allows you to view Upwind’s runtime topology map with predefined filters including riskiest resources and resources with active internet ingress. We will be constantly adding new out-of-the-box views, and you can also create your own custom views with any combination […]

Understand Your Network Patterns with Throughput Over Time

We are excited to introduce a new metric, allowing you to get visibility into your incoming and outgoing throughput over time for the last 7 days. This new capability gives you even more network visibility and allows you to easily and quickly understand real-time network patterns and over-time patterns. This information can be viewed through […]