Leveraging eBPF for DevSecOps

eBPF is a revolutionary technology, originating from the Linux kernel. It is used to safely and efficiently extend the capabilities of the kernel without requiring changing the kernel source code or loading kernel modules/extensions. Today, eBPF is used extensively to: eBPF-Enriched Context  eBPF is the base data layer that is needed in runtime cloud security. […]

Upwind is Named ‘Best Runtime Cloud Security Solution’

Upwind has been named the Best Cloud Runtime Security Solution by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards! This prestigious award recognizes our commitment to developing innovative solutions that protect organizations in the cloud. All of us at Upwind are incredibly humbled to receive this award, which is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to building a […]

Top Ways Upwind Helps DevOps Engineers Monitor APIs & CI/CD

This is part two of a two-part blog series on how Upwind helps DevOps teams. You can read part 1 here. The Upwind Cloud Security Platform helps organizations accelerate productivity and empower their Dev, Security, and DevOps teams to innovate within a secure and efficient environment. In our last article on how Upwind helps DevOps […]

Detect Suspicious Communication with a Public DNS Resolver 

We are excited to announce a new capability to detect unusual DNS resolver activity. This detection notifies you of unusual behavior by a virtual machine or container in your cloud environment, which is communicating with a public DNS resolver that it hasn’t communicated with recently. DNS Resolvers Trusting your DNS resolvers is a critical part […]

Detect Malicious Port Sweep Activities

We are excited to announce support for a new detection type – the identification of malicious port sweeps. Port sweeps can occur when compromised hosts or containers within your environment probe a port on a large number of publicly routable IP addresses or a large number of internal IP addresses. This type of activity is […]

Detect Unusual DoT Communications

We are excited to announce a new detection type, identifying unusual DoT activity. This detection notifies you of unusual DNS over TLS (Transport Layer Security) communication, often referred to as DoT, which could indicate attempts to blend malicious communications with regular encrypted web traffic to evade detection. DNS over TLS (DoT)  DNS is a crucial […]

Top Ways Upwind Gives DevOps Engineers Network & Infrastructure Visibility

This is part one of a two-part blog series on how Upwind helps DevOps teams. You can read part 2 here. Upwind’s Cloud Security Platform provides customers with end-to-end visibility into their environment – continually performing DevOps-grade deep assessments of your infrastructure & configuration, discovering everything you run and keeping this inventory up-to-date.  We systemically […]

Detect Suspicious Port Scanning Activities

We are excited to announce support for a new detection type: identification of malicious port scans. Port scanners are applications that probe a host or server to find open ports or “weak points” in your network. These can be used by malicious actors to exploit vulnerabilities and identify network or security services running on a host. […]

Master Risk Prioritization by Leveraging Insights into Runtime Facts & Critical Cloud Misconfigurations

In today’s increasingly cloud-centric business landscape, securing your cloud environment is crucial. The growth and dynamic nature of attack surfaces often make it difficult for security teams to identify and address their most critical risks, resulting in a lack of clear prioritization and delaying remediation. Upwind’s Cloud Security Platform actively addresses this challenge by leveraging […]

Easily Understand & Intelligently Secure Human & Machine Identities

In the ever changing and complex cloud infrastructure landscape, organizations must not only protect their cloud infrastructure and applications from external threats, but also secure them from internal human and machine identities through the practice of Cloud Identity Entitlement Management (CIEM). Managing identities presents multiple challenges, ranging from the need for thorough auditing and generating compliance […]